Amaya’s Table: Where Local Foraging and Global Flavours Converge

As you sit in the serene expanse of Amaya, the rustle of the pine trees and textures of the terraced hills display our vision for a culinary retreat. Our intent was to revive the land not only for cultivating experiential meals but also to foster a sanctuary where each meal serves a bridge between Amaya’s storied past and sustainable future.

Our culinary enthusiasts at Amaya experiment with an innovative blend of traditional Himalayan cuisine and the flair of globally-influenced cooking techniques. Explore our farm-to-table restaurant that’s accompanied by birdsong in the vicinity of rolling valleys and towering pine trees.

Dubbed a ‘culinary laboratory’ by the in-house team, Amaya transcends the conventional boundaries of taste, venturing into the realm of experiential dining.

Each dish isn’t consumed but experienced, reflecting the seasonal rhythms and the rich biodiversity of the Himalayas. Our menus are a testament to this culinary dialogue between nature and innovation.

Here’s a guide on how our culinary ecosystem nourishes your dietary palette year-round.

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Philosophy Behind the Plate

The crux of our culinary persona represents a farm-to-table philosophy. Our dishes are a celebration of local flora, foraged with respect and prepared with innovation. 

We started by rejuvenating the ancient terraces with thousands of trees and plants. Today, this flora beautifies our landscape and provides fresh fruits that star in our dishes.

The wild, untamed flavours of locally sourced ingredients are paired with our chefs’ creative flair to create offerings that are dynamic, seasonal, and beautifully unpredictable. 

Your food here borrows its richness from local foraging and sustainable agriculture practices. In return, all guests are rewarded with meals topped with the nutritious density of farm-fresh components. 

While sourcing locally keeps our pillars of sustainability intact, the wholesome thrill lies in integrating the end-to-end food cycle into the guest experience. Above this, our farm kitchen setup is a pitstop where ancient cooking techniques meet modern experimentation.

As culinary artists, our chefs reimagine classic recipes with contemporary twists, embracing and enhancing global culinary trends to delight the discerning palates of our guests. 

Experimentation and Innovation in Our Farm Kitchen

We’ve assembled flavoured cooking and fermentation styles to introduce an eclectic genre of taste for your palate. Transforming simple ingredients like cabbage, radishes, and even pine needles into complex, flavour-rich components of heterogeneous dishes elevate our offbeat culinary compositions. 

Innovation pulses at the heart of our kitchen at Amaya. 

Be it an undiscovered twist on traditional dishes like the Himachali Dham or an entirely novel creation like pine-smoked rainbow trout, our kitchen challenges culinary preconceptions.

Moreover, our baking prowess shines with sourdough loaves of bread and artisanal pastries, which incorporate local grains and embody the rich culinary heritage of the Himalayas. 

Amaya’s Relationship with Food

Here’s how our relationship with food at Amaya continues to surprise varying tastes and dietary preferences everyday:

  • In-house Gourmet Kombucha: Crafted with local fruits and spices, offering a refreshing, fermented delight
  • Locally Sourced Yak Milk Cheese: A testament to regional flavours sourced from local cheesemakers
  • Private Herb Gardens: Cultivated to ensure the peak flavour and freshness that define our dishes
  • Specialty Breads: Our ovens produce breads baked with local grains, each loaf a story of the Himalayas
  • Traditional and Reimagined Dishes: From Siddu to Himachali Dham, our dishes respect tradition while embracing innovation
  • Zero-Waste Philosophy: We utilize all parts of our ingredients, embodying our commitment to sustainability
  • Pickling: Employed as a technique to preserve and enhance the flavour of our seasonal bounty
  • Locally Sourced Honey: Adds a touch of natural sweetness to our creations, sourced from the surrounding hills.

Foraging Nature’s Bounty at Your Fingertips

Our resort’s 25-acre expanse is richly laden with organic orchards and flourishing vegetable gardens. These naturally nurtured lands have been providing a bounty to form the backbone of our kitchen’s output.

Guided by expert naturalists, our guests are encouraged to engage in foraging excursions, collecting wild herbs, berries, and mushrooms like morels and seasonal fruit. These foraging excursions aren’t merely about gathering and demystifying insights into the ecosystem’s delicate balance–they educate our guests on the nutritional and medicinal value of edible plants.

Eventually, these mindfully-sourced ingredients are blended into meals to present gastronomically uplifting experiences.

Our menus at Amaya now reflect the Himalayan terroir, imbued with the flavours and scents of the mountains that cradle our estate. Each meal promises not just satiation but an awakening–a true feast for travellers.

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